Posted by: rbbadger | August 24, 2008

The evolution of writing

Today, I visited the Seoul Museum of History, a museum all about one of my favourite cities in the world, namely Seoul.  Anyhow, they had a small exhibition of various things relating to the country’s 60th anniversary as a republic. 

They had various government documents on display, all of which were in Korean (of course) and none of which I could make out, given the fact that all of the older ones were written in the Korean mixed script.  The Korean mixed script is like it sounds, namely Chinese characters mixed with the Korean alphabet.  Thus, the sentence “President Lee went to the Busan Metropolitan City” would be rendered 李大統領님게서 釜山廣域市에 갔습니다 rather than 이대통령님께서 부산광역시에 갔습니다.  The latter form would be more used today while the previous form is becoming rarer and rarer.  So, viewing various government documents through the ages was sort of seeing Chinese writing becoming sparser and sparser until it virtually disappeared.

One of the things that Daddy really would have enjoyed seeing was the Olympic Torch from the 1988 Seoul Olympics.  They had some old TV coverage playing of the 1988 games.  That certainly brought back some memories, especially seeing the cute tiger mascot that they used.  (We can’t do anything without cute mascots here.  Every government agency seems to have one, even the National Tax Service.  Imagine the IRS having a cute teddy bear as its official logo.)


  1. Hi Robert!
    Congrats to Korea on their Olympic Medals! I wish the media would cover some other events, but we haven’t been able to catch much of it here anyway. Things are so busy. I think Daddy saw snatches of it at work. It’s always exciting to see what people can do. Amazing!

    We got three postcards from you! Thank you! We’re getting quite a nice collection! Maybe Daddy & I can serve a mission to Korea someday. It sounds like a very nice place.

    Lynnette will be in Canada tomorrow! I’m glad you world travelers have these wonderful opportunities! Enjoy!!!

    Love ya LOTS! ~Mama

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