Posted by: rbbadger | August 22, 2008

Olympics again

Well, South Korea continues to do very well in the Olympics, something which is wonderful to see.  For a small country, they’ve done better than Japan has so far, netting their 11th gold medal in the national sport of Taekwondo.  I had to go into Seoul this evening and the TV screens on the Line 3 subway were broadcasting the Taekwondo matches. 

However, the most adulation seems to be directed to Park Tae-hwan, an 18 year-old swimmer who won Korea’s first, and so far, only gold medal in swimming, a sport long dominated by the USA, Australia, China, and few other nations.  While I certainly admired his triumph, one of the sports I really enjoyed watching was the Korean Women’s Archery team.  As Daddy would know, archery is a pretty tricky sport.  Watching these Korean women perform was amazing.  They made it all look so easy.  The Korean women’s archery teams have won gold medals at the last five Olympics.

The IOC is currently investigating the Chinese gymnastics team for the possibility that some of the members were too young.  If the investigations do prove this to be true, they will be stripped of their gold medals.  So far, the Hong Kong Olympic Team has failed to net a single medal, though Chinese Taipei has won at least four bronze medals.  (Under the Basic Law of the Hong Kong SAR, they are free to join international organisations that do not require full sovereign nation status to join.  Puerto Rico is not a sovereign nation, but a US Commonwealth.  Nevertheless, they maintain their own Olympic Team.  Hong Kong has their own and also joined the World Trade Organisation separately from the mainland.)


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