Posted by: rbbadger | August 11, 2008


Well, Korea has once again leaped ahead of the USA in the Medal Rankings.  While the USA has more medals, Korea has more gold medals.  The male archery team has netted for themselves the gold medal, as the women did yesterday.  Choi Min-ho won the gold for judo, something which certainly caused a lot of excitement.  But the one that is certainly causing the most excitement around here is Park Tae-hwan’s gold medal in swimming.  Park Tae-hwan has been seen for a while as Korea’s best chance for a gold medal in a sport long dominated by the USA and Australia.  Until yesterday, Korea had never, ever won a medal of any kind in swimming.  He got his first gold medal and the excitement this has caused is certainly noticeable.

This morning, Hannah, Lina, Anne, and the cooking lady were closely watching the TV in the kitchen.  We keep a TV in there so that the cooking lady can watch it while preparing meals or doing the dishes.  From the sounds of it, they were all very excited.  I believe that Park Tae-hwan is up for the possibility of a medal again tomorrow, so they will all be watching, I know!

Taekwondo will be broadcast on August 20th.  This will certainly be broadcast here, as it is, after all, THE national sport.  Most Korean children do study it and some study hapkido as well.



  1. We got your postcard today. Thanks! Is this Buddha as big as he looks? Very impressive. Thanks for keeping us posted on the Olympics. Daddy finally got to watch some swimming tonight. We’ve been too busy to watch much. Take care! Love, Mama

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