Posted by: rbbadger | July 28, 2008

Yes, we have nuns in Korea

Here’s a photo of the Archbishop of Gwangju, Archbishop Andreas Choi Chang-mou with a group of priests and an even larger group of nuns.  Most Korean parishes, if not all, seem to have nuns present.  It is my hope that the people will never take them for granted.  In the USA, nuns were seen as a part of parish life, but now many parishes do not have them.  Here, they are in most parishes.

I still think it is pretty funny that my old roommate from Gwangju, a native of West Virginia, had never really seen nuns until he came to Korea.  They are everywhere.  You also see Buddhist nuns as well, but they tend to shave their heads and not wear veils.  Also, they do not seem to be as out and about as the Catholic nuns are.  You still do see them, though.


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