Posted by: rbbadger | July 20, 2008


According to the Korean Meteorological Administration (기성청), we are to receive some heavy rains through tomorrow and possibly through Tuesday.  The reason for this, is, of course, due to typhoons.  It is typhoon season.  Due the location of Korea, we rarely get the bulk of the rain.  Southern China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are generally inundated. 

Korean sidewalks, if they do exist, are often quite narrow.  Navigating them with an umbrella in tow can be an extremely frustrating experience.  Sometimes, not only is there the pedestrial traffic to consider, but that of motorcycles as well.  Many restaurants do have delivery services, so motorcycles are used to carry the food.  In the great rush to deliver the food, many motorcyclists ride on the sidewalks as well as on the road.  It certainly makes life exciting!



  1. Hi Robert!
    We had a wonderful reunion and Lynnette’s unfarewell today was great too! Details later! Now I have a minute to catch up on your blog, etc. Thanks for the U-tubes. Very nice! Hope you don’t get typhoons. We had some rain today! Love, Mama

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