Posted by: rbbadger | July 20, 2008

Land of Hope and Glory

Here’s a clip of the late Sir Edward Elgar, Bart., O.M., K.C.V.O. conducting a performance a portion of his Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, best known in America for accompanying the march of high school graduates down the aisle.  To see it, click here:

For those who care to sing along with the British patriotic lyrics, here you go:

Land of Hope and Glory,
Mother of the Free,
How shall we extol thee,
Who are born of thee?
Wider still and wider
Shall thy bounds be set;
God, who made thee mighty,
Make thee mightier yet
God, who made thee mighty,
Make thee mightier yet.

The Proms, a series of summertime orchestral concerts sponsored by the BBC, always includes “Land of Hope and Glory” at the last night.   Also, it is customary to include “Rule Britannia” at this event.

Sir Edward Elgar was the first truly great English-born composer since the death of Henry Purcell in the late 17th century.  While Handel lived in England and considered it his home (he’s buried in Westminster Abbey, you know!), Elgar was the first native-born English composer to rise to international prominence since Purcell.  This is very rare footage of him actually conducting.  Enjoy!


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